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Due to our long present in the ceramic industry, we have established relationships with various suppliers worldwide to procure an extensive range of ceramic tools, spare parts for kiln, glazing line, spray dryers and etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for any tools and spare parts equiries.

Buller Ring
  • Model: STH-226
  • Packing: 1 Box /15pcs
Ford Cup
  • Model: STH-226
  • Packing: 1 Box /15pcs
Density Cup
  • Capacity: 100ml
Viscosity Cup
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Liquid Nozzle: 4mm
Pot Mill
  • Diameter: 12-30cm
  • Dry weight capacity: up to 10Kg
Rapid Jug
  • 300 CC
  • 1000 CC