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We supply a wide range of epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes for the manufacture of moulds for the ceramic and construction industries. Our polyurethanes are famous for its durability long functional life and shrinkage free properties.

Product Application Mixing Ratio (weight) Shore Hardness
Reckli Pur A55 Type K pourable elastic two-component compound for making formliners, moulds and mould parts, block outs or recesses, nearly shrinkage-free curing, isometric reproduction od finest pattern details, long lasting functional life, universal type 8:1 A55
Reckli Pur Compound 85 two-component pourable resin for making high wear resistant moulds and moulds and mould parts in machinery, tool making, mould and model making, especially suitable for making blockouts or recesses in concrete industry 3:1 A85
Reckli Epoxy OH two componet surface-modified coating resin, thixotropic, for model and mould making, good resistance to plastic deformation, impact toughness and abrassion resistance, exact reproduction of mould pattern details, colour white 7:1