Our Mines

Our local sodium feldspar located in Gua Musang, Kelantan is wholly operated by our sister company. It covers an area of 170 km2 in area which 11 km2 was identified to be potential as ‘feldspar’ source with a minimum tonnage 2 million tonnes. The mine has the processing capability to produce up to 400,000 tonnes per annum. Our feldspar stockpile is sufficient to provide continuous supply even during the Monsoon season which lasts from November to January.

Our Storage Facilities

Coping with the company’s expansion presents an enormous challenge for distribution. We have a warehouse with built-up area about 50,895 square feet (1.17 acre) designed for storage of bulk and packed materials in order to offer a quick and flexible distribution solutions according to the customers’ expectations. The warehouse is well able to accommodate our expanding volumes over the next 5 years, serving more and more markets both locally and around the world.

Our Experience

Our experience encompasses the shipment of materials and products both in bulk and containers. Working effectively with Dock Operator, Shipping Lines, and Port Authority we are able to ensure shipment are efficiently coordinated for prompt loading and discharging. Our long standing relationship with our suppliers, transporters and the relevant departments enable us to track and schedule our supplies, to ensure the delivery consistently meets customer’s requirements.

We are proud to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

It’s a great achievement that shows we are truly invested in understanding our clients needs and working with them to deliver high quality solutions, whilst continuously reviewing and improving the way we work.

Ceramic Material Supply Sdn Bhd (CMS) established in 1986 is a mining company that operates the pottery stone and feldspar mines in Malaysia. CMS also work with various clay mine owners as marketing representatives to supply clay to ceramic customers. CMS has dedicated team of geologist to explore for metallic and non metallic materials in Malaysia.

Continental Routeplan Sdn Bhd (CRS) is a Malaysian based logistic company established in 2008. It is a subsidiary company of CCS Corporation and its core business is to provide conventional transportation services at a competitive rate.

A surge in the demand for conventional transportation is the main contributor of the company’s success. Since its establishment, CRS has been extremely fortunate to achieve continual growth. Before long, an average delivery of 60,000 tonnes has doubled to 120,000 tonnes per annum. With the significant increase in deliveries, CRS is confident that its services is highly reliable and of superior quality.

CRS service routes ranges from:
Kelantan Klang
Kelantan Kluang
Kelantan Pasir Gudang
Klang Kluang